Take your event to the next level with Upgrades & Add-Ons.



an effective way to change the look of a room and add ambiance for an event. The effect is created by placing small lights on the floor and aiming them up. This creates a vertical beam of light -- hence the name "up lighting."
The up lights are commonly used on walls, backdrops, pillars, tents, and trees.


Custom GoBos.

a simple message (names, logos, artwork) projected on a solid surface such as a dance floor, main entrance or dominant wall. They can create environments and scenery for an incredibly low amount of money and used in many events such as weddings, birthday parties, corporate events, store lighting, theatre, film, and television.


Selfie Station.

The selfie station photo booth service is a fun way for your guests to interact with each other. Capture great moments at your event by adding a photo booth. Guests have the ability to take unlimited photos with digital props and have them texted directly to their phone or sent an email.
No print required!!!